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    I have always been around computers. My first was a VIC 20 my mother had got me to keep me busy. I have embraced technology because it had always fascinated me. Something was always going wrong and I could always fix it. Even today I am fixing broken electronics myself or helping someone else troubleshoot theirs. My primary job roles in the past didn't always have to do with technology directly but being able to understand what was going on helped me advance into higher positions. I am self taught in all my technical experience, not to take away from the ones who had helped and mentored me. Ideas and opportunities to be creative is what I am passionate about. If I am not creating or helping develop a new idea I get bored. Being above average in everything and never perfecting anything has been my curse but I can live with that.

    Brian Edward Fisher V

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    Brian E. Fisher

    Los Angeles, CA

    Telephone: 213-973-3626
    E-mail: brian@brianefisher.com

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